Introduction: Learn the basic functions of the Archive Folder, and how to restore previous versions of archived process tools.

Step 1: To archive a process tool, click the “Archive” button in the toolbar of the Process Tool that you wish to save an archived copy of.

Step 2: A message box will appear, asking if you are sure you want to archive this process tool, select “OK”.

Step 3: In order to view all of the archived process tools, you must access the Archive Folder. You can access the Archive Folder from any of the process tools or the Process page.

Step 4: Select the process tool type that you want to access from the drop down list.

Step 5: You will see all of the process tools that have been deleted for the process tool you selected in this Process. You will see the title of the process tool, the date that it was last updated, and the restore button.

Step 6: To restore the process tool in the form that it was last updated, select the “restore” arrow. A new process tool with that title will then appear in your process tool list. This will be a restored version of the archived copy.

Step 7: You should then delete any previous versions of this process tool from your process tools list.

Archiving & Restoring Deleted Files