Introduction: Learn how to complete processes in your control panel.

Step 1: To complete a process, click on the title of the Process Tool title in the Control Panel.

Step 2: Once the process has been selected begin working to complete the activity.

(Note: The cookie crumb trail above will allow you to navigate back to the process tools page by clicking the process title or back to the Control panel itself by clicking the name of the position.)

Work Plans are completed by reviewing the process before it is started and/or following the outlined steps one at a time.

Check Lists are completed by clicking the check boxes as the steps are finished.

Scripts are completed by reviewing the script before the words are spoken, reading directly from the script and/or referencing the script when attempting to answer questions.

Uploaded Files are completed by downloading and opening the file and following the steps of the document and/or filling in the required information. Remember if an uploaded file is completed, you must save it to your computer and re-upload it to Touchstone.

Custom Forms are completed by filling out the information in the given form, by typing in the text boxes and selecting answers for multiple choice, checkbox, and dropdown questions.

Forms are completed by reviewing the information given on the form, following steps on the form and /or filling in the required information.

Policy Notes are completed by reading, understanding and taking action on required policies.

Audio files can be listened to and completed/marked as listened to.

Video Files can be watched and completed/marked as watched.