Q: Can I change the color of the Org Chart boxes?

A: No, this is not currently an option.

Q: Can I make dotted lines on the side of a box to another box?

A: No, dotted line relationships are not currently available on the Org Chart. The Org Chart is built in a hierarchy.

Q: Can I remove the Board of Directors box?

A: You can edit the title of the Board of Directors box to something else. Any box on the Org Chart can be deleted, but only when there are no other boxes underneath the box you wish to delete.

Q: I can’t print my Org Chart on one page, why?

A: When the Org Chart is bigger than one 8×11 sheet of paper, it’s not possible to print it on one page. Some alternative options are:

  1. Use the print feature and print it on multiple sheets of paper.
  2. Use the Zoom in feature. This only works in certain situations, because you can only zoom in so far without causing it to blur.
  3. Use a snipping tool and take a screenshot of the Org Chart. Save it as a .jpeg and then print it.
  4. Take multiple screenshots and use Photoshop to put the images together.
  5. Print the Org Chart in Simple View.

Q: Can I change the size of the boxes on the Org Chart?

A: The title of the position will change the size of the box, depending on how many characters are in the title. There is no other way to change the size of the boxes.

Q: Can I reorder the boxes?

A: The only way to change the order, is to change the titles of the boxes, arranging them into the desired order. There is currently no feature that allows reordering the boxes. However, you can move boxes from one Manager to another. You just can’t chose the order. When positions are added, they are added to the right of the chart.

Q: When I log in, why are the boxes on the Org Chart and/or Processes grayed out?

A: Boxes on the Org Chart and Processes are grayed out when a User does not have access to them. Contact your Account Administrator if you need access to these positions or processes.